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Pinoy Emo Band Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

April 15, 2008

\Emerging from the underground music haven of Laguna, Philippines, Typecast have staked their claim at the forefront of the scene with their unique brand of aching sincerity and arresting melodies. Through unforgettable live shows, a devoted fan base, and their unrelenting DIY ethic, the band continues to shatter preconceptions of what an underground band can offer, garnering admiration from fans as well as from the bands that inspired them to forge their own path. Typecast began as a three-piece band in 1999, when founding members Steve Badiola (guitar, vocals) and Melvin Macatiag (drums) met in high school. They later recruited Chi Resurreccion (bass) and began playing shows in their hometown in Laguna. After establishing a local fan base, intense word-of-mouth and nonstop touring led the band to the hallowed halls of the Philippines’ premier rock station, NU 107, and a guest spot on In the Raw, NU 107’s landmark program spotlighting up-and-coming local bands. The trio recorded the barebones EP Last Time in 2002, capturing the frenetic energy and raw emotion of their live performances. Typecast continued to perform in support of the EP, eventually catching the attention of Raymond Marasigan, formerly of legendary Filipino band The Eraserheads.

The year 2004 saw the release of Typecast’s first full-length album, The Infatuation Is Always There. The album, produced by Marasigan, was an emotional and musical tour de force, revealing an emotional maturity and superior musicianship uncaptured by the rawness of their previous release. The aftermath of Infatuation brought more changes to the band. With little radio airplay and minimal promotion, Typecast’s debut album reached unprecedented heights for an independent release, exposing them to a new audience and changing the landscape of Filipino music. The band satisfied the public’s hunger by touring the country even more extensively and honing their live act on the Philippines’ major music festivals.

Typecast soon headed back into the studio, this time with new member Pacoy Fletchero (guitar) in tow. The band made their way to Studio 101, in Malaysia, and recorded their second album, Every Moss and Cobweb. The strength of the songs on Every Moss is a testament to the band’s distinct but evolving style. From the fragile and moving album opener, You Don’t Need Eyes To See, to the visceral defiance of The Conflict, and to the anthemic lament of Will You Ever Learn, Typecast continues to showcase their growing versatility. Every Moss, distributed nationally by Warner Music Philippines, allowed Typecast to reach even wider audiences; the public reaction to the album has been extraordinary, gaining them new followers and satisfying their longtime fans as well. With 2007 coming to a close, Typecast continues to write new songs and tour relentlessly, preserving their reputation as a formidable live band. Never content to rest on their laurels, it is certain that Typecast’s drive will cement their status as one of the best Philippine local bands to emerge from the underground.


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April 15, 2008

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